Will a baiting system ensure that my home is not attacked?

It might, but don’t count on it. Baits are not prophylactic. Baits are good at grabbing termites’ attention and can be used to slowly poison their colony BUT baits are not barriers and it is possible for termites to ignore them and eat your home anyway. The baits don’t make a continuous wall around the house, so termites may just walk between them. The termites mightn’t find the baits, the baits might be poorly placed, they mightn’t suit your termites, they might be too often disturbed or left too long, too wet or too dry, they might have the wrong food or they might have gone mouldy. Baits are great at cutting populations and even killing colonies, but it is probably best that you add other ways to keep termites out of your home, just to be sure. Of course if the service company is offering you a contract with a strong warranty, maybe you can take the risk. Just make sure that all the checks and inspections are done, that you keep all the records and that the company is well insured.

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