I’ve found termites, what should I do?

OK, so you’ve found termites.  Here’s a quick step guide of what to do.

  1. Don’t spray anything.  Spraying just makes the rest of  them go to where they’re hard to find.
  2. Don’t disturb them.  Often it is cheaper to control them if they are undisturbed.
  3. Don’t panic.  Termites tend to work slowly, so you usually have time to act before things get noticeably worse.
  4. Read through these FAQ files so you have a good background knowledge.
  5. Don’t call the first company you find in the phone book.  Take your time, find a good inspector get a written report, then work out what to do.
  6. Do fix up the things that attracted the termites in the first place.
  7. Do remember to have another inspection scheduled to make sure that things are really fixed.
  8. Do consider regular inspections so you can catch any new attacks early.
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