Is spot treatment really better than fumigation?

In this answer summary,  I’ve left out the product names. I don’t like going to court. “Fumigation” is when they wrap your house and gas it, that is to use a penetrating gas to enter every place that a termite might be. In general, the answer is a simple, no spot treatment as effective as […]

Can you give me a quick summary of ways to control termites?

Here’s a quick list of the main ways to kill or control termites For Dampwood termites Take the moisture away so that they can’t live. Replace old, rotted wood with fresh timbers. Apply poisons or preservatives into the wood. Open up the wood and let the ants eat them. For Drywood termites Fumigation will kill […]

How are termites controlled?

Actions to stop or control termites need not be scary. Termite control comes in four forms: cultural, physical, biological and chemical. Well, at least those are the headings used in most text books. Chemical control is the least desirable, but is sometimes the only option. Cultural control relates to what we do and the way […]

My house is being ‘treated’ for termites. Will this affect my two year old?

Young children (and the unborn) tend to be at higher risk from environmental toxins that are adults. The risk you will face depends on both the type of termite and the type of treatment. that’s being done. Basically there are three types of treatment. The lowest risk are with baits for subterranean termites which use […]

What is a fair price to pay to have the termites in my house exterminated?

I’m sorry, but there’s no simple answer to your question.  It is like asking ‘how much will my next car cost?’: There are just too many big variables for any single answer to be useful. Price depends very much on what steps need to be taken and this in turn depends on the type of […]

What about orange oil for drywood termites?

Orange oil is the name given to extracts from the peel of citrus. Mostly this is near pure d-limonene. It is a general solvent. You have probably used it in bathroom or hand cleaner products that have a citrus smell. It kills insects. I specified it as the recommended cleanup solvent for the Blockaid non-toxic […]