How are termites controlled?

Actions to stop or control termites need not be scary. Termite control comes in four forms: cultural, physical, biological and chemical. Well, at least those are the headings used in most text books. Chemical control is the least desirable, but is sometimes the only option. Cultural control relates to what we do and the way […]

What are termites? 2~~Nerdy version

Termites belong to the Order Blattodea (Pronounced Blat-oh-dee-a) , which they share with the cockroaches and sit in the infraorder Isoptera (Pronounced Eye-sop-terra).  The termites (before nucleic acids took over taxonomy)  had their own full order, but were later found to sit within the spread of the cockroaches.  That name came form the Greek, Iso […]

What are termites?

Termites are incredible, small insects that have mastered cooperation allowing them to achieve great things, such as building skyscrapers, hollowing huge trees, moving vast amounts of soil and of course, eating your house. Termites are not ants. Most people are comfortable that they know what an ant is, but hardly anyone seems sure they know […]

What is a termite swarm?

The really odd thing about a termite swarm is that it is the one time when cooperation goes out the window.  It is every termite for his- or herself. Even family stop caring for their young. A swarm is a coordinated flight of winged (alate) termites.  It happens several times a year when the local […]

Termites are flying inside my house. What should I do?

Don’t Panic Termite swarmers inside your home or bedroom may be very scary, but with luck, the risk can be assessed fairly quickly.Firstly, put down that can of fly spray. It really won’t help and may make things a deal worse later on. Grab a few termites and put them in a plastic bag or […]