To boldly explain termites as no one has managed before . . .

In Brief

This is a general guide to termites.  It is aimed at helping people with pest issues, as an introduction for students and a resource for the just plain curious (like me and possibly, you). 

Not really Don

What's here

You'll find a jumble of information built mostly from all my email answers to people around the world. You can learn lots about termites, what they are and what they do, about avoiding termite problems, how to get rid of termites if you have them and how not to get rid of termites.


In my part of Southern Australia (yes, I probably live on a different continent to you) it is late Summer, my termites are active and we have had lots of flights despite teh unusual heat and lack of rain. In the Northern Hemisphere activity is slowed by the cold. In most of the tropics, termites just cruise along.  If you have any concerns, right now is a good time  to have your home professionally inspected. If you are super-confident, infallible (& rich enough to bet-the-whole-house) then, by all means, do your own inspecting.

Where's Wally Don?

Somewhere i the NTDon't been busy in several States and countries. Teaching prep for NMIT flexible delivery and night classes on termites for later in the year. Pro bono work on on a Code of Practice for timber pest inspection is done and the long-awaited Australian Termite Standards (AS 3660.1 and AS 3660.3) are almost ready to be published. We will start on the management standard, AS 3660.2 very soon. A busy summer of testing is almost done <whew>. Consultancies are running hot. For AEPMA there's work on a Code of Practice for termite management systems. Oh, and yet another book chapter to do.

Some fun media too. Took calls on 702 Mornings with Linda Mottram and did a lengthy more personal piece for ABC FM on Midday with Margaret.


Basically, I do various tasks for various people which sees me moving around a lot (see right, a happy mound of grass-eaters somewhere in the SW of the NT).  Despite that, emailed questions should get an answer within about 2 days.


As usual, the aim is to make these pages a lot better, but things get in the way. Next update wil be major. Soory for the upcoming transfer issues.  And yes, there are pest termites in my yard. Three species. Two subterraneans and a dampwood (although the wet winter of 2012 was very hard on the Nasutitermes and it they are just starting to recover). As long as they are not in the house, I have no problem with my garden termites. Haven't found any drywoods yet but there are some known in the area. Anyway, the project now is the upgrade and to update the baiting advice. Meanwhile, here is a link to the old, original Bait Box Page from the mid 1990s.



Working at CSIRO, about 18 years back,  I was spending far too much time answering telephone queries from the public (instead of getting my work done).  So I looked at the options and started a dawn-of-the-web homepage which while at first,  couldn't be read by many people, was for a long time the major resource. Now the web is swamped by commerical sites.

When I started this site, Alta Vista (the original search tool) indexed only 35 pages with the word "termite" in the whole of the then known web. Now Google knows well over 4,000,000. Be very wary out there.  Be especially wary of bad advice coming through social networking as some companies misuse it to promote their dubious services. 

For  the first few years these pages were at Labyrinth and a lot of old links still point there.  Please let me know if you find any of those old links.  The move to means I have a lot more control but it has cost a lot on the Page ranking.

When this all began, back at CSIRO, each month only about a thousand people would drop by.  Now the site averages thousands of hits per day.  I wish that 1.8 million  people would also read my research papers!
Please feel free to drop me a note.